Do you plan to provide simulations for other species in addition to the macaque?

We hope that the user community will take part in transferring the simulation to other species and cortical tissue types. Within our lab, we are actively working on the validation of simulations of human cortical tissue.


What about sub-cortical tissue such as the hippocampus?

We are currently not working on sub-cortical tissue but the code should be adaptable to such different tissue types.


Are you planning to look at larger tissues?

Indeed, we are currently testing novel ways to scale up the simulation including GPU computing, special hardware, and grid computing.


This is a very detailed simulation. Is there anything missing?

The simulation currently presents phenomena at a short time scale. We currently do not include modulation by astrocytes which is thought to occur on a longer time scale or spike-time dependent plasticity (STDP). Given the simplified morphology of neurons, computations on the dendritic tree are not well represented in the model. Furthermore, connectivity is estimated based on the probability that cells in different classes of neurons are connected.


Why don’t you use existing software tools such as … ?

Existing tools did not allow for the easy inclusion of field potential calculations. Using a custom-build tools allowed us to optimise for faster processing speed. Finally, we want to facilitate the uptake in the experimental and clinical community that is familiar with the Matlab environment.


I managed to extend the software to new tissue/species, now what?

Excellent! Please upload your parameter files to ModelDB, if applicable make experimental recordings available (e.g. using CARMEN, and inform us so that we can link to extended models on our website.